Re: [orca-list] Announcement of newline when navigating by word (was Re:, Reworked presentation of native word navigation

Hi there,

I'd rather suggest that Orca would add the option to not ignore blank 
lines (when navigating by lines), which better represents for example 
layout of a webpage.

In fact, I've originally thought, that the option Speak blank lines is 
for this purpose, but it's probably not, as I have it enabled and don't 
see blank lines anyway (in browser, I do see them in text editors).

I personally don't perform proofreading by words but rather by lines, as 
the sentence correctness can be checked in this way and typos are 
usually handled by machines anyway. That's why it makes sense for me.

Or, you can still use Grammarly. :D Just kidding.

Best regards


Dňa 3. 11. 2020 o 13:57 Ted via orca-list napísal(a):
I would prefer the new line be announced because it usually indicates a
new paragraph or heading and a break in the flow of the text. When I'm
proofreading something I've written, I need to distinguish between a
line break for a paragraph and a wrap that happens to follow the end of
a sentence. This isn't announced during navigation by line or say all.
I'd almost prefer the new line be announced during navigation by line in
the case of proofreading. Is there some way this could be switched on or
off by the user, instead of completely removing it.

For some reason new lines are not announced during word navigation in
the message field of Thunder Bird, like the one I'm writing this in, and
I can't be sure of my line breaks without navigating by character. It
feels like there's missing information if I navigate by word.

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