Re: [orca-list] More on xbrlapi


John J. Boyer, le mar. 03 nov. 2020 17:32:16 -0600, a ecrit:
I am using Debian Bullseye, Mate and latest Orca. xbrlapi is no longer started at boot up. 

For debian-related questions, better ask a debian mailing list. On
orca-list it'll only be by luck that I happen to read mails.

Do you have /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90xbrlapi ?
Could you try to add at the top of that file


When I started it it accepted everything from the keyboard on the Braille display except backspace, enter 
and the up and down arrows. Those are the keys I use most.

It should be working just fine with those keys as well, I don't see why
they shouldn't.

Was it working with a previous version of xbrlapi?

Could you recompile xbrlapi from the brltty 6.1 source, with
#define DEBUG
uncommented from Programs/xbrlapi.c?


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