Re: [orca-list] Description of empty checkbutton / radiobutton / entry

Hi Samuel.

For me, Orca does present the tooltip text as the accessible description
when each widget gets focus. But it says the description after the
widget rather than before. Is Orca not presenting the tooltip content at
all for you?

Orca does have some heuristic code to fall back on description when a
name or label -- which is what LibreOffice should provide -- is absent.
I'll take a look into why it's not happening here.

That said, the accessible name/label is meant to be the short text we
present to the user and the description is expected to contain more
detailed information that is optional. So if you're truly asking what
LibreOffice should do, it's properly label/name widgets. :) Orca falling
back on the description as the label is a workaround for applications
with less-than-ideal accessibility.


On 03/09/2018 07:32 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:

We have come across an odd thing with checkbutton/radiobutton: in
some cases, no label is set for them because the visual context is
relatively obvious through greying of what gets enabled/disabled, but
a tooltip is set so the user can make sure.  Similarly, there can be
an entry with obvious visual context (an image), and a tooltip for the
I have attached a glade example which can be run with
glade-previewer --filename

Orca does not annouce the tooltip, but only the type
(checkbutton/radiobutton/entry).  In accerciser, there is no Text
interface for checkbutton/radiobutton (since there is no label), but
there is a description which Orca could take instead.  Similarly, even
if it is not labelled-by something, orca could use the entry description
instead. We could of course make the application use an AtkObject to add
the labelling, but it looks odd when the tooltip could be enough.

I'm not asking for the fix now, we can see that later, I am just
wondering which way we want to fix, to know what we want to do in
LibreOffice: I'd tend to think that Orca should pick up the description
(actually the tooltip) as a label, do you agree?  Or perhaps it could
pose problems? Like, for instance because the description could be too
long for being used as a label (although, if there is no other label,
the description is probably short)?


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