Re: [orca-list] Figuring out what is wrong when filling a web form

Dear Joanie,

Many thanks for your response.

Joanmarie Diggs (2017/06/24 16:59 -0400):
Hi Shérab.

If the site has marked a field as being in error using the user agent's
validation or by using aria-invalid, Orca will present that condition
when the field gets focus.

Ah I noticed that indeed. And regarding this, precisely: it would make
more sense to me to be notified of this when the field *loses* focus rather
than when it gets it. For instance, when I go to a field where I am
supposed to enter my name, Orca tells me that the field is invalid
because I have not typed anything yet but I find that a bit useless. Or
is this an intend behaviour?

Ideally, Orca would also present the error as
soon as you leave a field where a mistake was just made, but we need a
state-change event for that. I just filed

Thanks for that! I think just this second point would be enough so once
this event is in place I would suggest to remove the check which is
performed when the field gained focus. Or at least, perhaps this check
could be made optional. One would then turn it on when one fails to
validate a form, to figure out which are the wrong fields. Could there
perhaps even be a list of invalid field provided?



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