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One more issue to report. This is an odd one. But steps to reproduce. Open the totem movie player, now called videos with a video playing. After about ten seconds, orca will stop responding. Focus on the desktop, and after a few seconds, if you're lucky, orca will come back. If not, you'll  have to toggle orca back off and on again, at which point it will happen again when you alt tab back to the videos windows. This happens with both orca stable and master.

Thanks, and I'm changing the subject so people don't get confused.

Kendell Clark

On 06/25/2017 07:56 PM, kendell clark wrote:

Hi all

Liblouis 3.2.0 was just released this past Friday, on the sixteenth of june. I updated a local copy of the arch Linux package of liblouis to use the new version, and orca promptly wouldn’t start the next time my computer restarted. I’m not sure of the exact error because obviously without speech I couldn’t capture a debug log, but downgrading  liblouis fixed it. This occurred in both orca stable and orca master. Also, I’m having a lot of issues with the deadbeef audio player. IThe playlist area where the songs you’re currently playing is completely inaccessible. Not even the “where am I” command can figure out what sort of control it is. I’m assuming it’s a list or table, but I’m not positive. It uses gtk2, so I was hoping joanie would be willing to take a look to see if she can figure out a fix in orca, otherwise I’ll have to file a bug with deadbeef. I’m on my windows tablet, hence the windows 10 mail blurb in the message footer.



Kendell Clark



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