Re: [orca-list] Figuring out what is wrong when filling a web form

Hi Shérab.

If the site has marked a field as being in error using the user agent's
validation or by using aria-invalid, Orca will present that condition
when the field gets focus. Ideally, Orca would also present the error as
soon as you leave a field where a mistake was just made, but we need a
state-change event for that. I just filed


On 06/24/2017 04:27 PM, Shérab wrote:
Dear all,

Sometimes, it happens to me that, when I want to validate a form I have
just filled, it does not work because a field has been filled in an
unexpected way. In such situations, most of the time I find myself in
trouble understanding what it is exactly that I have done in a way that
displeases the web site.

So, two quesitons, here:

1. How standard is the way used by web sites to tell users they have
done something wrong? I guess it is not fully standard but perhaps it is
at least a little bit?

2. When the site underlines the wrong field or displays it in red for
instance, would there be a way to know about that through Orca?


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