Re: [orca-list] Image without empty alt should be ignored by Orca

While the specification may call for skiping images without alt tags, I believe Orca handles this in the correct 
manner. The only time a screen reader truly fails in my opinion is when it doesn't let you know there is something on 
the screen. Saying image when it encounters an unlabeled picture at least lets you know there's something there even if 
Orca isn't able to tell you what it is. This is invaluable in helping debug websites too. What if the picture is 
something required to access the site, and they just forgot to add an alt tag. Now, we could tell the site admin that 
there is an unlabeled image. If this  valuable feedback were taken away, we could only say "it doesn't work, 
there's nothing there." As a website admin myself, I know which feedback I would rather receive.
Perhapse a bug should be filed against the specification in this case.
On Tue, Jun 06, 2017 at 05:17:48PM +0200, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
Dear all,

An user accessibility expert (in CC) tells me that image with an empty alt should be ignored by Orca.

As I understand this behavior is in the ARIA specifications.

I've tested on Debian Sid with Firefox 52 and 54 with the latest Orca from master.

I've written a simple HTML page to help you to test :

Steps to reproduce :

1) Open the page in Firefox

2) Read the page with Orca

Result : Orca announced "image" when It encounters the image with the empty alt

Expected result : Orca should skip this image

Best regards.

Visual-Impairment Project Manager
Hypra - "Humanizing technology"

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