[orca-list] Distrribution for visually blessed or challenged is not the question

Dear friends,
distribution for the blind or not is not the question. Definitely our
aim is inclusion. In my opinion, every distro designed; should have a
button for making it accessible for the visually blessed. For example,
in the presence of  Orca libreoffice calc and writer create a lot of
   At the same time, a visual person may not count for an ocr tool
like lios, a six key approach for producing text like Ibus sharada
braille, or tuxtype with speech. Another example is that of smplayer.
If smplayer is set as default to play mp3 files, is is highly
beneficial for a  V.I.P as it has speed control while reading an
audiobook, and it has the functionality, of resume. At the same time
it may take time to start a file. Orca had a problem in continuous
reading for the last five years. So far as we have made an enquiry,
the problem is deep in gtk and and in some other supporting font
rendering tools. Libreoffice calc is another example. In coconut, we
solved the problem, by adding a new feature in orca preference, and
installing, openoffice spreadsheet. What, I tell is that, it is time
we act, and raise our voice to get things done.
Thanking you Sathyan.

*Mob : +919446012215

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