Re: [orca-list] Using Linux distros done for blind

Hi I wonder what the problem exactly is.

Depending on which distro you choose, for example Ubuntu with
accessibility  or Vinux specifically designed with blind users in mind,
there is more or less great degree of accessibility.

All these distros have their own forums or mailing lists.

I am pretty confident that one gets very good responses on Vinux mailing
list and other similar accessibility specific distros.

May be for you Vinux or similar distros will be very useful, because as
a matter of fact such distros have a dedicated group of developers who
really answer the queries well.

Happy hacking.


On 12/26/2017 11:41 PM, Paulina Gajoch wrote:
Hello everybody,

Is good to use distributions done for blind? Ok, it is designed for
blind, but getting an answers on our questions on forums of this
distros may be most difficult.

So use or don't use?

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