Re: [orca-list] Accessibility of TuxType

I also agree, git repositories with your various contributions would be extremely helpful.


On 12/24/2017 01:38 AM, Sath Linux wrote:
Dear Alex,
I am sorry, you could not complete the task installing Tuxtype. Let me
know which distribution you are trying with? I will ask my engineers
to contact you soon.
At the same time I request you personally, and the list as such, to
prepare a road map for accessibility for Gnu/Linux operating systems.
Hope that you have downloaded accessible coconut and tested. We are
very happy to tell you that we are making a serious effort to make
coconut a full fledged system. Suggestions from any side is welcome.

On 12/22/17, Alex ARNAUD <alexarnaud hypra fr> wrote:
Hello Sath,

I've seen on that you've developed a way to
access TuxType for blind or visual-impaired people.

I'm interesting to provide a way to learn keyboard from GNU/Linux to the
Hypra users.

Could you tell me how can I download the modified version ? Does it work
with Orca ? Do you have a Git repository with your work on Coconuts ?

Best regards.
Visual-Impairment Project Manager
Hypra - "Humanizing technology"

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