Re: [orca-list] speech setings at login prompt


It doesn't matter whatever your Orca modifier is - I have never managed to get the preferences screen to appear at the logon window.

And even if you did manage to adjust preferences, I am pretty sure that GDM doesn't have write access to its settings directory so they wouldn't persist.

Therefore the only way I know of is to copy the settings from your home folder to the GDM folder.

However if someone knows of a better way then feel free to share.



On 23/12/17 13:42, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
Le 23/12/2017 à 06:38, Nick Wood a écrit :

I've found that Ctrl+Space doesn't work on the logon screen.

Why are you trying ctrL+space? The orca key could be insert or caps lock, not ctrl.

Best regards.

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