Re: [orca-list] Why does firefox hang my entire machine so often?

Ok, this web site made my firefox very unresponsive.
My entire machine did not hang though but I could not interact with
firefox after opening the site.
I had to kill firefox.

debian buster, mate 1.18, firefox-esr 52 and orca 3.26.0.

I tried on my windows 10 with latest nvda both with chrome and firefox
latest version without any problems.
My browser did not crash or unresponsive but it seems like the website
keeps refreshing or something because I heard a lot of chatting from

On 11 December 2017 at 20:29, John G Heim <jheim math wisc edu> wrote:
Hardly a day goes by where I don't find myself frustrated by my entire
machine being hung while browsing the web with firefox. I am running debian
stable, fully updated, on a quad-core I5 with 16 Gb of ram, and a 1Gb
network connection. My office is literally a couple of hundred yards from
the internet backbone. I ought to have about as pleasant a browsing
experience as anybody. Yet practically every day, my machine hangs for a
minute or 2 when I point a browser at some web page. I know from sshing in
that it's that the load has peaked out at 2 or 3. Themachine responds very
slowly to keystrokes and orca says nothing. There are little bursts of
activity where it processes 3 or 4 of the keystrokes I had pressed earlier.

Here is a link to a page that frustrated me:

If I do that now, it loads fairly quickly. But earlier today, it hung my
machine for long enough that I just killed firefox.
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