[orca-list] Why does firefox hang my entire machine so often?

Hardly a day goes by where I don't find myself frustrated by my entire machine being hung while browsing the web with firefox. I am running debian stable, fully updated, on a quad-core I5 with 16 Gb of ram, and a 1Gb network connection. My office is literally a couple of hundred yards from the internet backbone. I ought to have about as pleasant a browsing experience as anybody. Yet practically every day, my machine hangs for a minute or 2 when I point a browser at some web page. I know from sshing in that it's that the load has peaked out at 2 or 3. Themachine responds very slowly to keystrokes and orca says nothing. There are little bursts of activity where it processes 3 or 4 of the keystrokes I had pressed earlier.

Here is a link to a page that frustrated me:

If I do that now, it loads fairly quickly. But earlier today, it hung my machine for long enough that I just killed firefox.

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