[orca-list] Questions about MATE


eventually I will ship Mate 1.16 in Slint.

I would like to have the opinion and feedback of blind Mate users about
the focus model (advice from devs also welcome, of course).

The default focus model is "click to focus", which is good as when we do
something that opens a new window, the new window gets the focus and is

However, I have seen some circumstances where this is not the case, like
opening a directory in a terminal from Caja. The terminal that has just
been opened don't get the focus, and stay in the background (below the
other windows if there is not enough free space on the screen)

Do you encounter this behavior? If yes, how do you overcome that:
cycling among the opened windows with Alt+Tab, other way?

I have considered replacing the Marco window manager with Fvwm that is
more powerful and always gives the focus to the new window if properly
configured, but I am at a loss to find a command that I could associate
to Alt+F1 in its config file to raise the panel's menu. I have posted
about that on mate IRC channels, no answer so far.

What do you think?



PS Are there significant improvements in Mate's accessibility upgrading
to Mate 1.18? I ask to know if delaying again the Slint release to
upgrade Mate is worth it.

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