Re: [orca-list] Thunderbird : when writing mail, Orca stops to read lines with link

I just removed the sanity check that appears to be triggering the crash.
Please pull master and test again. Thanks!

On 12/07/2017 03:21 AM, Peter Vágner wrote:

I can reproduce it all the time.

The orca goes unresponsive and as soon as I try to exit it at-spi2 crashes.

I am not sure what triggers it because I am getting it all the time when
the document content refreshes on gmail.

I'm running all the relevant libs with debug symbols included
(at-spi2-core, glibc, glib2, libffi, pygobject, python) so I am going to
send you all the debug stuff I was able to collect in a seperate message.
If you think I can provide more details, I will do that please let me
know what to add or what to check if you know that.



2017-12-06 15:32 GMT+01:00 Joanmarie Diggs <jdiggs igalia com
<mailto:jdiggs igalia com>>:

    I'm not seeing this problem. I'm using Orca master and Firefox nightly.
    I can take a guess at a fix, but the fix I have in mind might also not
    work. How reliably can you reproduce this bug?

    On 12/06/2017 03:57 AM, Peter Vágner wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I am afraid this might be causing a huge regression when browsing the
    > web with Firefox.
    > Environment: Gnome 3.26, orca master (since 7c4971022), Firefox 57 or
    > Firefox 59.
    > Steps:
    > - Go to <> <> and open a
    conversation from your
    > inbox.
    > - Make sure orca is running and providing the access to the gmail UI
    > including the conversation you have just opened.
    > - Now press the alt+left arrow instructing Firefox to move to the
    > previous page.
    > Results:
    > Gmail inbox is displayed however orca stops responding. It fails to
    > present the browser window and also all the other windows when switched
    > into by pressing alt+tab key.
    > More over I assume this might even be related to at-spi2-core because if
    > I now press alt+super+s to toggle orca it will turn of with Screen
    > reader off message but I can only get it toggled back on by running orca
    > --replace.
    > Expected result:
    > I am expecting orca to not become unresponsive and continue reporting
    > the web content and all the other windows when switched into them the
    > same way it's doing in orca master up to 752d0443d .
    > In other words orca master 752d0443d is working fine in regard to this
    > issue and orca master 7c4971022 has issues.
    > Thanks and greetings
    > Peter
    > 2017-12-04 13:00 GMT+01:00 Alex ARNAUD <alexarnaud hypra fr <mailto:alexarnaud hypra fr>
    > <mailto:alexarnaud hypra fr <mailto:alexarnaud hypra fr>>>:
    >     Hi Joanie,
    >     I confirm that this bug is fixed in master. Thanks a lot !
    >     Best regards.
    >     --
    >     Alex ARNAUD
    >     Visual-Impairment Project Manager
    >     Hypra - "Humanizing technology"
    >     Le 02/12/2017 à 17:47, Joanmarie Diggs a écrit :
    >         Hi Alex.
    >         This is now fixed for me in master. Please test and let me
    >         Thanks!
    >         --joanie
    >         On 12/02/2017 09:36 AM, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
    >             Dear all,
    >             Environment:
    >             - Debian Sid updated
    >             - Thunderbird 52.4
    >             - Orca master
    >             When I'm writing an HTML mail and when I add a link to a
    >             line, Orca is
    >             not longer able to read the line.
    >             Steps to reproduce:
    >             1) Open Thunderbird (GTK3 here)
    >             2) Write a new mail (here in a new window)
    >             3) Tab until to switch to the message body
    >             4) Add the following line : "Hello world, I've
    >             to write
    >             HTML mail in a productive way"
    >             5) Add link somewhere in two words of the line : maybe
    add a
    >             link to "to
    >             write" that target
    <> <>
    >             5) Press the return key
    >             6) Press up arrow
    >             Result: Orca stays silent
    >             Expected result: Orca should announce the line when the
    >             caret moves on
    >             Best regards.
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