[orca-list] One question for Unity and Gnome accessibility future

Dear all,

Now that the accessibility ppa of Luke is down, I don't find a way to
get the unity fixes which work with orca 3.20.3, thus rendering a lot of
unity such as dash useless.

Is there some one who has the deb packages from apt/cache which can be used?

Secondly, There are these issues with gnome regarding wifi connectivity

Also I can't figure out if the wifi I am trying to connect to is secured
or not.

Is some work going on this bug?

I asked the question about Gnome shell because it is going to be the
future as far as ubuntu is concerned.

However currently unity is very good untill Ubuntu 18.04 LTS arrives,
where I hope Gnome shell will be even more accessible.

As I plan a revamped course on Orca here in Mumbai, I have to be aware
of what's the right decision to take considering future.

Happy hacking.


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