[orca-list] Christmas gift preparation, accessibility concern

Ok, I am getting an Amazon Echo for Christmas this year.  This sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?  I wonder if anyone else on here has one and can describe the experience of setting it up with the web interface and using the Alexa skills kit.

I hope I am not in for any humbug surprises come Christmas morning and have to have some eyes help me set something up that's already supposed to be accessible.

Everything on here's working at peak performance levels right now, and the number of accessibility problems as of yesterday stands at 0 because I had a sound outage and had to reinstall over the weekend.  This idistro is really hot as far as accessibility.

The latest version of antergos is working right.  The only trouble is that fenrir will not talk on here, and getting speakup to work anymore is hopeless since they moved it to staging.

Thanks for any info.

Doug Smith.

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