Re: [orca-list] I hate pulse

Aug 18 2017, James Austin has written:
How would I go about terminating Pulse in favour of Alsa please?
Hi James,
as far as I know:
1. Create ~/.pulse
2. Change to that folder
3. Edit/create a textfile called client.conf
4. In that file put the line:
autospawn = no
If client.conf is already present and a line starting autospawn is
already present, make sure that "no" is after the equal sign.
5. in the terminal or using alt+2 type:
pulseaudio --kill

Depending on your systemm, you can use any means to run the pulseaudio
--kill command on login or during bootup. It has to happen after pulse
is running.

Goodluck, HTH.

Best wishes,


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