Re: [orca-list] lost speech upgrading from jessie to stretch

pgrep may find speech-dispatcher, apparently a newer competitor to ps.

On Tue, 15 Aug 2017, Jos? Vilmar Est?cio de Souza wrote:

Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 06:16:22
From: Jos? Vilmar Est?cio de Souza <vilmar informal com br>
To: Al Sten-Clanton <albert e sten_clanton verizon net>,
    Orca List <orca-list gnome org>
Subject: Re: [orca-list] lost speech upgrading from jessie to stretch

The ps command didn't show speech-dispatcher?

When you run spd-say do you get some error in the console?

Do you have access to the logs of speech-dispatcher?

On 08/14/2017 06:15 PM, Al Sten-Clanton wrote:
Thanks! Looks like speech-dispatcher's not workking. The ps command indicates that Orca is running.

I know this, by the way, because I'm now getting speakup through my speakers but not my headphones. (Just somehow thought to test this.) Any suggestion how to get speech-dispatcher up?


On 8/14/2017 1:41 PM, Jos? Vilmar Est?cio de Souza wrote:
One thing that you can test is speech-dispatcher.

Run: spd-say 'hello'

At least you will know if speech-dispatcher is working.

On 08/14/2017 12:20 PM, Al Sten-Clanton wrote:
Greetings!  Apologies to anybody who saw a variant of this post on the
Blinux list, but this list seems a reasonable place to ask for help
with at least the Orca part of my problem.

Yesterday, after a fair bit of reading, rereading, and following what
looked like relevant advice from that reading, I ran the upgrade from
jessie to stretch.  I used "apt-get dist-upgrade."  It seemed to be
successful in most respects; it didn't abort, anyway.

When I rebooted, I got what clearly were a bunch of Speakup messages.
Apparently, the upgrade enabled espeakup.service, which I had disabled
in order to run my own script for getting speakup.  At no point did I
get Orca, not even using the super-alt-s keystroke.

When I got myself into a terminal, I tried disabling espeak.servvice.
When I rebooted, there was no speakup, but also no orca; again, the
keystroke to bring it up did not work.

I went into a text terminal, which of course was speechless. I tried
enabling espeakup.service again, just to get some kind of speech, but
this failed.  I tried a couple more times.  (I know I was in a
terminal because the poweroff command did shut the machine do2wn.)

I suspectt there's this particular thing or two I need to fix, but I
don't know what that is and have no speech anywhere to find out.  At
the very least, I'd like to get Orca talking, and then maybe I can
retrieve my previous speakup set-up.  I'll be grateful for any help.


[p.s. I've read the accessibility section about disabling pulseaudio.
I may do that again, but when I did it the last time it preventing my
listening to an online radio station, hence the script for using
speakup after I was logged in via the gui.  I hope to use speakup with
my Tripletalk LT, but that will come later.
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