Re: [orca-list] Reading Firefox tab title

This is a known issue. The event which was causing Orca to present the
page tab was also causing Orca to lose its place with respect to the
content. Fixing it properly will be much easier after this bug is fixed:


On 10/12/2016 12:45 PM, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
Dear Raphaël, Joannie and all :),

I have also experienced this bug myself.

In Debian stable "Jessie" (8.6), We use Firefox ESR version (45.4.0) and
Orca master from today.

The test case :
1) Open Firefox ESR (45.4.0)
2) Open two or more tabs
3) Move between tabs with ctrl+pgup and ctrl+pgdown

On Orca 3.18 and below we have this comportment : when switching on a
tab Orca reads the current element and the tab title.

On version 3.20 and above Orca only reads the current element and no
more the tab title. So it becomes difficult to know in which tab you are
for a completely blind user.

Best regards.

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