Re: [orca-list] Cannot set keyboard shortcuts

Hi Dave.

I just gave this a try without Orca. After you press the desired key,
there are two buttons in the header bar "Cancel" and "Set" or "Replace"
(depending on whether or not your desired key is already being used for
another function). However, when you press Tab to change focus, the
buttons disappear. Again that is without Orca running. And it seems like
a bug rather than the desired interaction.

Having said that, after I press the desired key I do not press Tab;
instead I use Orca's flat review feature to click on the "Set" or
"Replace" button. Having done so, I'm returned to the dialog with the
new key assigned as expected.

As a reminder, you cannot use Orca's flat-review clicking features in
Wayland yet, so be sure you're in an X11 session.

--joanie (who would like to remove the mouse of every UI developer)

On 11/30/2016 11:36 AM, David Hunt wrote:
Greetings, all!

I'm using GNOME and Orca 3.22, and trying to bind the shortcuts found in

When I bind a shortcut, (e. g. Launch Mail Client), I press 'enter',
then the desired keys. Once I press these keys, the cursor seems to be
stuck in the 'set shortcut' dialogue. I can use 'alt+tab' to move to
other windows, and use other applications normally but must hit 'esc' to
dismiss the 'set shortcut' widgit; my shortcut is canceled.  Does this
shortcuts thing work without Orca? Can others reproduce this?

Thanks for your thoughts,


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