Re: [orca-list] Cannot set keyboard shortcuts


Yes, it does not work for me as well.

The presentation of this is even more confusing because there is only one button exposed to orca for each keyboard shortcut definition, where there should definatelly be two. Set new keyboard shortcuts and delete shortcut action.



On 30.11.2016 at 17:36 David Hunt wrote:
Greetings, all!

I'm using GNOME and Orca 3.22, and trying to bind the shortcuts found in settings->keyboard.

When I bind a shortcut, (e. g. Launch Mail Client), I press 'enter', then the desired keys. Once I press these keys, the cursor seems to be stuck in the 'set shortcut' dialogue. I can use 'alt+tab' to move to other windows, and use other applications normally but must hit 'esc' to dismiss the 'set shortcut' widgit; my shortcut is canceled. Does this shortcuts thing work without Orca? Can others reproduce this?

Thanks for your thoughts,


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