Re: [orca-list] orca makes qt5 applications extremely unstable (or maybe at-spi ?)

I understood from reading the kde-accessibility email list once that orca isn't used to read qt and that reading qt is something jovie is supposed to do for you once you get jovie set up. Apparently jovie specializes in reading qt applications but does not read anything else.

On Thu, 1 Dec 2016, Tyna Pelletier-Bilodeau wrote:

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 05:28:04
From: Tyna Pelletier-Bilodeau <ecole tyna gmail com>
To: Orca List <orca-list gnome org>
Subject: [orca-list] orca makes qt5 applications extremely unstable (or maybe
    at-spi ?)

recently I've been using pcmanfm-qt from git as my primary file manager, because they finally switched away from qt4 in their development version, due to the fact I was extremely annoyed at every gtk file manager for popping that useless search bar every time I type a letter instead of bringing me to the first file starting with that letter. However I've been constantly struggling with it, and had to keep the gtk2 version of pcmanfm nearby for most things (i.e: copy/paste, cut/paste, ...) The problems here seem to be hit at random (I can go in a directory, go back from it without crash, but the next time I do that pcmanfm will crash). I think those are really important to fix, as none of them happens when orca isn't running. I tried using accerciser but it failed, I'm no expert <smiles>. My distro is archlinux up to date. For those who want to test (if any), the package is pcmanfm-qt-git in the AUR. Also I use orca master up to date as of yesterday.
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