Re: [orca-list] orca makes qt5 applications extremely unstable (or maybe at-spi ?)


I have also noticed QT5 based packages crashing a lot.

Now if I am seeing the discussion in context I am starting to wonder whether this might have something to do with the recent flat review changes.

I can reproduce a crash with transmission-qt

- Make sure orca is running

- launch transmission-qt

- Once the main window is showing press ctrl+o to bring up the open file dialog.

Results: Booom, transmission-qt exits with a segmentation fault.



On 01.12.2016 at 12:29 Alex ARNAUD wrote:
Dear Tyna,

On Debian 8 and Debian 9, both QT 5.3.2 or 5.7.1 and AT-SPI 2.14.0 or 2.22.0 with Orca 3.22 or from GIT we experience segfault on the new Virtualbox 5.1 based on QT5.

If Orca is disabled the problem doesn't appear even if I have the screen magnifier (Compiz/EZoom) enabled that tracks AT-SPI events.

Best regards.

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