Re: [orca-list] Anybody not known what happened the lxpanel menus In LXDE?

One thing you might try is starting your lxde session from the command
line as opposed to starting it with a display manager. I know that
Ubuntu uses lightdm in its main version. Last night, I was doing some
testing of the Mate environment. For some reason, when I logged in via
lightdm, the accessibility variables were not passed to the session even
though I tried exporting them in both the system and user profiles. I
didn't do this testing in Ubuntu but thought it might still be worth a

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014, at 04:10 AM, Hammer Attila wrote:

I installed my Ubuntu 14.04 system the lubuntu-desktop package.
Of course the importanter a11y settings are enabled.
When I press ALT+F1 key combination, the applications menu presenting 
the screen, but not accessible with Orca.

Anybody not known why have now this issue in Ubuntu 14.04? When I oldest 
time looked the LXDE environment in Ubuntu 13.10, this part of the LXDE 
environment is wonderful accessible.

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