Re: [orca-list] How to install orca in debian wheezy

Hi David

Try to bother speech-dispatcher until you make it speak. "spd-say test" is the simplest command.

Sometimes its configuration needs to be changed. If it installs with default pulse-audio output, try to make it work or reconfigure to use alsa.

I had some troubles starting it too. I was doing a lot of weird things like killing speech dispatcher. Not sure what was essential.


W dniu 2014-03-10 11:04, David Effendi pisze:

I tried to install orca in debian wheezy by executing the following:
sudo apt-get install espeak speech-dispatcher at-spi
sudo apt-get install gnome-orca

but it was not successful. When I run orca, the spash screen shows up
but I kept getting dummy speech ( "This is the dummy output module
..." )

does anyone know hat I am missing?
If a plain vanilla debian based distro doesnt have orca pre installed,
what can I do to install it myself?

Many thanks in advance!

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