Re: [orca-list] Is there are any Reference material for understanding changes done in orca For Gnome3 interface?

Hi Dhairyashil:

I suggest you begin by reading the change logs for the latest version
of Orca you are running. the changes between Orca 2.32 and the 3.x
versions aare quite extensive, and are too numerous to list here. As I
do not know what your patch does or how it works it is impossible for
me to say which changes in Orca would or would not effect your patch.


On 1/28/14, Dhairyashil Bhosale <dhairyashil bhosale584 gmail com> wrote:

Hi All,

          what are changes done in orca for Gnome3 interface? I have
that work in ubuntu 10 i.e. Gnome2 but not properly working in Gnome3
interface i.e ubuntu 12.

please help me that i have to understand that which changes are done in
orca for Gnome3 interface. . ....

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