Re: [orca-list] what to expect for Orca on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?

My comments:

On 01/27/2014 03:49 PM, Krishnakant Mane wrote:

1, will Unity 3d be finally accessible and to what extent?
If memory serves me, I remember to be read an e-mail from Luke telling that unity 3d would be accessible in the next LTS version.

2, Will there be a possibility to have Gnome 3.10 on the said version?
I beleive that gnome 3.10 is already present in ubuntu 13.10. Perhaps gnome 3.12 in 14.04.
3, I saw a mail few days before on pdf acccessibility through evince?
Will that accessible version be available on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?
Depend on the version of gnome present in 14.04. If gnome 3.10 or above is installed, the answer is yes.

Happy hacking.

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