Re: [orca-list] can't log in on live session

Yes.  Toss that CD for 11.04 and try 12.04 instead.  It has a much better
accessibility default setup than 11.04.  Better yet, try Vinux where it
comes out talking out of the box.  Vinux 4.0 is based on 12.04 and they have
done a nice job of getting it to behave in a manner that would make it easy
for windows XP users to transition to.  

Alex M

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I am trying out a live session of XpLike Ubuntu, it's Ubuntu 11.04.
Happily Orca ran when I tried it after boot up.
After Orca setup, it wants to log out and back in in order to work.
After logging out, I cannot log back in.
I have to have sighted assistance to shut down and reboot.
But then of course, I have to start over with the Orca setup.
I have tried no password/username, and I have tried ubuntu in both and
either field.
It will not authenticate my login.
Any ideas?

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