Re: [orca-list] Which Version of Firefox?

If possible, I would personally say to stay with Firefox 24.0 for now.
There are still some regressions and bugs in 26.0 that cause the karet
to trip over lists and other rather common HTML elements. It's even
causing problems on one of my own websites, where I hand-coded an
unordered list of contributors on an about page.

In Debian and Ubuntu-based systems, you will need to hold Firefox at
24.0 in your apt configuration. In Arch, you will need to download the
Firefox 24.0 package from the Arch Rollback Machine
sudo pacman -U
sudo pacman -U
and tell Pacman to ignore future firefox updates, either on its command
line or via /etc/pacman.conf. Fedora and openSUSE should have similar
hold or ignore features, as long as Firefox 24.0 is still in a repo
somewhere. I do believe Ubuntu still does have it in the pool somewhere,
but it may need to be downloaded manually and installed with gdebi if
something like
sudo apt-get install firefox=24.0 doesn't work. Hope this helps.
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