Re: [orca-list] external synthesizer (was code review)

I'm not really a python fan, mostly because of it's indentation needs, and
screen readers make this task complicated.
But, I was wondering if anyone here knows how much trouble it would be to make orca support new synths. I built my own external synth, and would like to use it instead of the built-in horribly inadequate voices provided with the default orca release. This would do two things for me. First, it'd give me dectalk speech, and second, it would free up memory used by the software synth, leaving more memory for other apps. This is especially useful for those machines with low memory already, since software speech tends to eat both cpu and memory in large amounts. Offloading the speech to an external synth would solve this nicely. It's usb, and is built from parts available from, it cost around $100 or so to build it depending on how fancy/complicated you want the final product to be. I'd thought about incorporating it into speakup as well, but I've not dug into what that would take just yet. So, if anyone has any suggestions on where
to look, or how to proceed with this project, I'd sure appreciate it.

James Michael DuPont
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