Re: [orca-list] a small problem in eclipse after the latest changes

Hey José.

Do you have a link for that specific build? What I have managed to find is:

  Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.
  Version: Kepler Release
  Build id: 20130614-0229

And it works as expected as you'll see from the event processing at the
end of my response.

Under the circumstances, perhaps the most efficient way forward, if you
can reliably reproduce this bug, is to file a bug against Eclipse
yourself using the following bug as an example complete with a dedicated
event listener:

vvvvv PROCESS OBJECT EVENT object:text-selection-changed vvvvv
OBJECT EVENT: object:text-selection-changed            detail=(0,0,)
----------> QUEUEING OBJECT:TEXT-CARET-MOVED'Eclipse' name='None' role='text' state='editable enabled
focusable focused multi line sensitive showing visible' relations=''
Script for event: Eclipse (module=orca.scripts.apps.Eclipse.script)
BRAILLE: update disabled
SPEECH OUTPUT: 'hello, this is a test.'
SPEECH OUTPUT: 'selected' voice=system
^^^^^ PROCESS OBJECT EVENT object:text-selection-changed ^^^^^

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