Re: [orca-list] a small problem in eclipse after the latest changes

Hey José.

On 12/29/2013 04:14 PM, José Vilmar Estácio de Souza wrote:

If for example I am in the begin of a line and press shift+end, orca
does not announce the text selected.

That's odd. This works for me. I tried it in Eclipse 4.3.1 having
created a new text file. If you can reliably reproduce it, please give
me the exact steps I should use.

Having said that, if the following is correct:

Seems that when I press shift+end or shift+home, eclipse does not issue
an object:text-selection-changed.

Could you please file a bug against Eclipse and send me the link and/or
CC me on it? If need be, we can add an interim hack to the Eclipse script.


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