Re: [orca-list] Text selection in Thunderbird compose/reply dialog working wrong after latest change

Hey Attila.

This is a Gecko bug:


On 12/30/2013 02:02 AM, Hammer Attila wrote:
Hi Joanie,

A testcase with producing problems in Thunderbird compose new message
dialog the message body when text selection happening:
1. Press CTRL+N keystroke, and jump the message body with tab key.
2. The first line type the hello hello1 text, the second line with
hello2 text, and the third line with hello3 text.
3. Press CTRL+HOME keystroke and press three time with SHIFT+DOWN arrow
keystroke. First time Orca wonderful spokening the three line with
4. Press one time the up arrow keystroke to jump top of the message body.
5. Final repeat the three shift+down keystroke to again selecting the
three line. This situation happening following:
1. The first shift+DOWN arrow key press Orca saying hello2 hello3 text
and the selection state message (not selected message). Expected result
this situation to Orca spokening the first selected line and proper
selection state message (selected message).
2. The second and third shift+down arrow keystroke Orca saying proper
line with selected and right selection state message.

This is known issue with latest change related, or I file a new bug and
attach a debug.out file?


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