Re: [orca-list] Unity 2d is going away: What will happen to accessibility in 12.10

Hi Thomas,
That sounds great.
I will also give it a try in that case.
Having a way to set hot keys for launching apps is wonderful.
happy hacking.

On 05/10/2012 10:18 PM, Thomas Ward wrote:

How do you figure that? I'm using Gnome Shell right now on this laptop
and I can pretty  much do everything I need to in Gnome Shell. Yeah,
getting access to the launchers in the Dash is a bit of a pain, but
that's what the run dialog is for. :D

I can easily do alt+f2, type firefox, and press enter to launch the
program. That's not too hard to do. If I really needaccess to the
launcher typing the first few letters of the app's name into the Dash
will bring up a list of matches to choose from so its not impossible
to use the Dash. Just not as friendly as the Launcher Toolbar in
Unity. However, saying Gnome Shell isn't friendly is underestimating
how accessible it is in the hole.

For example, I have assigned hot keys  to launch most of my programs
so I don't even have to worry about the Dash most of the time. If I
press alt+control+f I open up Firefox. If I press alt+control+t I open
the terminal. If I press alt+control+h it opens my home directory in
Nautilus. You see my point. therebeing Gnome Shell is quite usable
right now, and I imagine 3.6 will be even better yet.

On 5/10/12, Krishnakant Mane<krmane gmail com>  wrote:
Just that Gnome shell is not really friendly.
Happy hacking.

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