Re: [orca-list] Ubuntu 12.10 and beyond, Unity 2D will no longer be maintained.

Hi Alex,

Yes, gnome-terminal is accessible under Unity 3D. If we get stuck with
Unity 3D just do alt+control+t to open the terminal, do sudo apt-get
install gnome-shell, logout, select Gnome from the sessions options,
and you are in Business. The accessibility issues with Unity 3D are
with the actual shell and not the various Gnome apps that come with
it. You can use Unity 3D well enough to unbreak your system and get a
more accessible desktop environment going. So dropping Unity 2D isn't
going to be a huge deal breaker for us. At least not those of us who
have enough Linux know-how to install and reconfigure things for
improved accessibility. Newbies should use Vinux anyway until they
learn the ropes.


On 5/9/12, Alex Midence <alex midence gmail com> wrote:
Hi, Luke,

Do you or, for that matter, any of the other members on this list know if
the terminal is accessible from Unity 3d?  If so, all someone would have to
do if they want to keep up with the latest developments would be to install
gnome shell or, who knows, even KDE by that time using the terminal.  That
way, you aren't stuck in the lts's and can take advantage of other
accessibility fixes that come about in gnome itself where the developers of
a particular app fix something that was making their app non Orca friendly.

Alex M

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