Re: [orca-list] About Ctrl+Alt+Tab switcher contents on GNOME Shell

Hi, taking into account that most people share the same opinion, I will
use this mail to end this thread.

So summarizing, the ideal situation would be:

  * Keep Ctrl+Alt+Tab switcher working as it is working now
  * Provide shortcuts to directly access to different regions of
GNOME-shell (Dash, Search Entry, etc)
  * First letter navigation on Dash

Thanks for all the feedback (quick feedback btw),


On 05/03/2012 08:56 PM, Piñeiro wrote:

I would like to ask to the users a question about Ctrl+Alt+Tab switcher
contents on GNOME Shell.

As with GNOME2 if you press Ctrl+Alt+Tab, a switcher appears so you can
select a region of the desktop. In the case of GNOME3, the content of
this switcher depends on current mode, as in each case what GNOME Shell
presents to the user is different. On normal mode this switcher contents
is usually: "Top panel" and "Desktop". During activities overview (you
can go there by pressing top panel "Activities" button or "Alt+F1") the
contents is usually: "Top panel", "Dash", "Windows", "Applications" and

For me this behaviour is fine, in the sense that Ctrl+Alt+Tab switcher
is filled by the different sections of the desktop that the desktop are
showing at that moment.

But recently some people (first one Juanjo Marin), suggested that could
be fancy if the switcher contents are always the same, in the sense of
containing any possible section of the desktop, no matter if it is being
exposed at that moment or not. In that way, if you want to go to the
Dash (where you put your list of favourite apps), you could just press
Ctrl+Alt+Tab at any moment.

Although I understand the rationale for that, IMHO, the current
behaviour is more coherent, and I prefer that. Anyway, as some people
said that they would prefer a different behaviour, just asking to get

What do you think? Opinions? Thoughts?


Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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