Re: [orca-list] Call for testing: Orca 3.4.1 in Ubuntu precise proposed updates.

I'll post on there.  I am running Orca 3.4.1 from the proposed ppa.

alex M

On 5/1/12, Luke Yelavich <themuso ubuntu com> wrote:
Hi folks,
I am aware many of you are running Ubuntu precise at the moment, and are
running orca 3.4.1 in some way or other, whether you built it yourself, or
used packages from precise-proposed. However you are using it, I would ask
that you please give your testing feedback on the following Launchpad bug,
which is to get orca 3.4.1 into precise-updates. If you are using precise, and are not
running orca 3.4.1 yet, there are instructions in the bug report as to how
to install the proposed orca 3.4.1 package update. The more positive
reports, the quicker we can get the update verified and pushed out to a
wider audience.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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