Re: [orca-list] Ubuntu 12.04 how can i use it

Hi Thomas,
On 20/03/12 22:06, Thomas Ward wrote:

Hi Petr,

Unity 3D isn't accessible yet, but Unity 2D works fairly well with Orca. To bring up Unity 2D do the following.

1. Boot the system.
2. When the Lightdm login screen pops up, tab once, and press enter. This will display a list of desktops.
3. Down arrow twice to the Ubuntu 2D option and press enter.

What are the other options there?
4. Shift+tab back to the password edit field and type your password.
5. Press enter and with luck Ubuntu 12.04 will come up with an accessible Unity 2D desktop.

How well is Unity 2d now in terms of accessibility?
I tested it a few days back when the first beta came out.
I haven't tryed any daily builds ever since.

Happy hacking.

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