Re: [orca-list] Accessibility Testing in Ubuntu 12.04

Just a quick observation,
If as argued correctely, Unity is going to be the one getting most of the attention and marketing push, why not drive the accessibility agenda with full power with the Unity hackers? They will find it more worthwhile and afterall they are the ones who will have more resources at their disposal. I feel that by the time Ubuntu 12.04 is released, we can surely see a lot of bugs getting fixed and a resulting Unity which is much more accessible, provided we concentrate on reporting bugs and talking with the developmment team. Things like Menu accessibility and such titbits should not be a big problem with the guys doing Unity a11y.
Overall the desktop seems to go very well on accessibility progress.

Happy hacking.

On 12/03/12 16:49, Alan Bell wrote:
On 12/03/12 00:04, Thomas Ward wrote:
Hi Alan,

Yeah, that's a tough one. I think what you are doing is probably the
best approach right now. Just filing a bug report on launchpad isn't
enough. The Youtube videos accurately demonstrates the problems all of
us are having with Unity and Orca and shows the Unity developers
exactly what is broken and what needs to be fixed. It explains the
problem in more detail than any written bug report I've ever read.
thanks, I actually wanted to do some high quality screencasts showing how it all worked, and because I couldn't I ended up just roughly filming how broken it all is using my phone. I will do the real screencasts as soon as I have something to show.

However, I've never understood why Cononical decided to dump Gnome in
favor of Unity in the first place.
gnome has not been dumped, neither has gnome3. Gnome *Shell* is not the default shell in Ubuntu, it is the gnome 3 desktop with the Unity shell. (roughly speaking)
  There doesn't seem to be any
advantage in Unity over Gnome, and in fact for those of us with
disabilities it has made matters much worse, because we have to
install a system where everything is broken and then attempt to
install Gnome, configure it to login by default, just to get a usable
GUI. I wonder if there is a way we could convince the Ubuntu
developers to pull Unity from Ubuntu until the access issues are
nope, not going to happen, for me I think it is best to concentrate on influencing the outcome of things that are possible. Unity is part of the overall strategy targetting phones, TVs, tablets and other stuff and it is going to remain the primary shell that gets marketed. This doesn't mean it is the only shell that works, but it will be the one that gets the attention, and the investment in developer time.
  or to release a Ubuntu version with Gnome instead.
you can install gnome shell on Ubuntu or use the new gnome3 classic desktop which is apparently about as good as it used to be on gnome2 now.

  There is
Kubuntu so why not Gubuntu?

Ubuntu is the gnome based distribution, just not gnome-shell by default. I am not sure if using gnome-shell by default would actually be that much different to Unity in terms of accessibility, but I will give it a go before release and do some notes on it.

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