[orca-list] AT-SPI in master

Hi all,

For GNOME 3.6, accessibility is slated to be always enabled for gtk 3. As a result, there are some changes to atk-bridge and the way it is loaded (it is now a library that is linked against gtk+ and gnome-shell, rather than a gtk 3 module). Anyway, at-spi2-atk master is not compatible with gtk+ and gnome-shell 3.4.x, so building from master would require gtk+ and gnome-shell from master (and everything they depend on). It might also be somewhat unstable for a while. So I would only recommend building from master to people who really want to test GNOME 3.5.x. I plan on loking through the recent commits to master and pushing bug fixes to gnome-3-4 if they seem safe.

So, for people who just want bug fixes, I would strongly recommend pulling AT-SPI from gnome-3-4 rather than master.


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