Re: [orca-list] setting the time:

I'm not sure what version of Linux we're talking about here, but on my
Vinux 3.2.1 (Ubuntu 11.04) system with the Gnome fall back desktop, I
can do this by bringing up the program alt+f1 -> System -> Preferences
-> Time and Date.

On 29/01/12 14:41, Jude DaShiell wrote:
ntpdate probably won't work at first even if you know its syntax because 
ntpd is probably already running.  so first find rc..ntpd and sudo rc.ntpd 
stop <enter> ntpdate <enter> rc.ntpd 
start <enter> hwclock -w <enter> and you should have a clock that's 
accurate unless your timezone is off.  You may have tzselect and need to 
run that.  Once it tells you your timezone, export TZ=timezone-string in 
your account and you also need to run hwclock -w again then you should be 
good to go.

Jude <jdashiel-at-shellworld-dot-net>

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