[orca-list] Future linkslist feature in Orca


Because since Firefox 4.0 release navigation bundle extension not usable, I have got a question: Marcus doed a wonderful feature, with possible listing various HTML objects with various applications, bugreport link is following:
For example, Marcus doed feature supports Firefox, Thunderbird, Openoffice/Libreoffice, Yelp. I think both Gecko and Webkit GTK toolkits is supported. Lot of users searching similar feature this list since several years, this bug opened since 2010. Have a chance land this feature in Orca master branch? My openion very need this function, and this feature will be very popular with Orca users.
Last comment this bugreport I wrote with 2011-09-30.
I think minimal work need the GNOME3 branch related patch, only need resolving some keybinding conflicts, but need revieving a developer the last patch what tasks are need doing before the real commit.
Fit this task before UI freeze?


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