[orca-list] Orca: It works!

Hi all,
Sorry for the slow response. :) So, after that upgrade to gnome3, I had a ton of packages that hadn't been 
upgraded and had old library paths hardcoded into them. After a 
bit of playing with revdep-rebuild, removing old gnome2 stuff that was still there, and a bit more playing 
with revdep-rebuild, my Orca and gnome-shell are working 
perfectly! A couple strange problems, though. The first time I start gdm, I can't login. I've tried 
re-entering my name/password several times (it does want both) and playing with caps lock to no
avail. For some reason, restarting gdm fixes it. Also, there are times when orca just dies, and no amount of 
shift+control+o, or manually killing/restarting orca helps. I 
have to restart gdm, which leads back to those weird login failures above. Other than those problems, though, 
all is working great. Thanks all for your help!

{.i doi .tcikoritys. mi cuxna ba'e do}

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