Dear list,
We easy-ocr development team is here with the new year gift for the community. We have released lios linux intelligent ocr solution today. It is now written in python and can be easily installed in all the vinux versions. We have tried our maximum to make it a perfect edition. still due to limited resource and man power, you may find some drawbacks. please report it immediately. feedback is the key to further development..


1 Single scan & Repeated Scanning,
2 Scan images from folder or Pdf,
3 Full GUI environment,
4 Brightness optimizer,
5 Audio converter,
6 Easily Accessible Preference Window,
8 Good text manipulation with Find, Go-To-Page, Append file, Punch File.
9 Low vision support in the tools menu,
10 Dictionary Support for english(Artha)
11 And more features are in the preferences.   

How to start using lios.

Download deb file from here http://easy-ocr.googlecode.com/files/easy-ocr-4.0.deb open it and install

after installing the software open lios in graphics menu. press control p to go to preferences. now you can set the following options.
1 Number of pages to be scanned at a stretch (For repeated scanning),
2 Time between repeated scanning,
3 Scan Resolution,
4 Scan brightness or threshold,
5 Language,
6 Engine,
7 Starting page number,
8 Page numbering mode,
9 Mode of Rotation,
10 Scan Area.
then after Applying the settings.
press control f9 to start repeated scanning or f9 to start single scan.
Now you can press add button to listen with orca screen reader as usual.
We have given facility to produce text from PDF PNG pnm JPG JPEG TIF tiff formats.
also we can convert text in to audio files using audio converter in tools menu.
expecting your feedback. nalin4linux77 gmail com and sath linux gmail com

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