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When you tried that with Fedora, did you just install Fedora 13 from disks 
or do the upgrade path from Moonshine up through Fedora 13?  Reason I'm 
asking is maybe starting with moonshine and upgrading through versions you 
might be able to get all the way upgrade to Fedora 17.  I don't know for 
sure.On Sat, 21 Apr 2012, Thomas Ward wrote:


Well, I haven't been able to install Fedora myself since Fedora 13, and if
version 17 is anything like 16 the install isn't completely accessible.

I've tried OpenSuse with a lot more success. If you manually launch Yast from
the run command you can usually get an accessible setup and do the install
using Orca. However, make sure to download the Gnome Live cd, not the Opensuse
DVD, as the live cd has all the accessibility stuff we need.

As for Ubuntu 12.04 once you hear the drumbs press control+s to bring up Orca,
type in your user name and password, and login. Once logged in you can press
alt+f2, type orca, and enter to launch Orca.

On 4/20/2012 3:11 PM, Nimer M. Jaber, IC? wrote:

Has anyone tried accessing either Fedora (latest version) or OpenSuse
12.1? If so, are they accessible out of the box? How about the

Secondly, in Ubuntu 12.04, what is the process for logging into and
activating speech after an install with speech? When I boot up I get
no sound or speech even though I had speech during an accessible


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