Re: [orca-list] thunderbird totally inaccessable with orca

65000 Mail?
I have an ydea, try after you backuped your Thunderbird folder:
A possible solution:
If you using the Thunderbird search function with CTRL+f keystroke, choose date the search type, and choose before possibility. Wrote for example the text field with 2012-01-01 text, and press ENTER key. If you not want searching the subfolders, before you sending the search, uncheck the search in sub folders check box, go to the text field and press enter key.
After this, Thunderbird begin searching messages.
When the search is ready, go to the search table with usual containing the searched messages, select all results with SHIFT+HOME or SHIFT+END keystrokes, and choose the proper button with meaning you to possible moving messages. Choose any folder name with you would like moving the searched messages, and press ENTER key. For example the archive folder, or a you already created mail folder is wonderful. If I possible not write correct a button name or any control label with english, very sorry, I using hungarian locale with Thunderbird and possible not always correct my english translations. Your other thread wrote question unfortunately I haven't got any ydea, hopefuly other user answering your question.


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