Re: [orca-list] Possibly Forking Gnome 2

On 09/07/2011 06:13 PM, Alex H. wrote:

On 9/7/2011 10:48 AM, Piñeiro wrote:
Not proposed anything? Really?
Although I recognize that it is still required a lot of work to do
there. BR [1] 
Yes. Not anything useful, anyway. things like Dasher and other speech
recognition on Linux will need a lot of work before they can be
considered functional and be replace their Windows counterparts.

Please notice that I already said that those options are not mature
enough at this moment. I just wanted to answer original Thomas
statement: "To date no one has proposed anything like Microsoft Speech
Recognition or Dragon Naturally Speaking for the Gnome or KDE desktops".
There are something proposed. Needs work? Yes. But taking into account
that Thomas also said "This is something I could perhaps research and
develop to improve the desktop accessibility for people besides
blindness.", he could start checking this tools first, instead of
starting from scratch. Taking into account that he thought that there
wasn't any initiative at all, I was just pointing existing one.

PS: btw, two of those (GVC and VEDICS) are really under-developed and
unmaintained. Probably the wise option is looking at Simon, that it is
more maintained. And in relation with KDE and GNOME inter-relationships,
his main developer is taking a look to make this tool working with at-spi2:

PS2: this mail is somewhat off-topic in this mailing list. I will try to
avoid more non-Orca related mails. I just wanted to add some extra

Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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