[orca-list] Announcing Orca v3.1.91-xdesktop

Hey all.

I just did a release of the unofficial "orca-xdesktop" unstable branch:

I'll do the official unstable branch release (aka from master) this

3.1.91-xdesktop - 5 September 2011


  * Fix for bug 658141 - Need to add support for the 'placeholder-text'
    object attribute

  * Fix for bug 658133 - Firefox lines which begin with bullets are not
    always presented by Orca

  * Fix for bug 657732 - stopSpeechOnActiveDescendant shouldn't cut off
    the presentation of a name-change

  * Fix for bug 599361 - Significant delay building up the contents of
    certain lines in Firefox

  * Fix for bug 657646 - Default stopSpeechOnActiveDescendantChanged()
    should not be so restrictive

  * Fix for bug 657579 - Orca should not present tooltips shown as a
    result of mouse hovering unless the 'present tooltips' setting is

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    de            German               Mario BlÃttermann
    gl            Galician             Fran DiÃguez
    es            Spanish              Gonzalo Sanhueza, Jorge GonzÃlez

--The Orca Team

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