Re: [orca-list] Problem with orca and webkit in epiphany

I see the bug report for making orca work with MathML in webkit, that would be so great if it could be done.

Michael Whapples
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Hi Michael,

On Tue, 2011-11-15 at 11:20 +0000, Michael Whapples wrote:
Being fed up with the bugs in mozilla stuff, I decided to take another
look at how webkit support is coming along. What is the official status
of webkit support in orca? Anyway, I noticed smoe issues.

Yeah, there are some issues since accessibility support in WebKitGTK+
(the port of WebKit that epiphany uses) is an ongoing effort, and so
many bugs are still in there, and also some features pending to be
implemented yet.

Check for instance the following query in WebKit's bugzilla:

As you can see there's still much that needs to be done, but we're on
it, so don't give up yet. Actually, main efforts in this sense are
currently being put to make Orca work with WebKit2 (the new multiprocess
architecture of WebKit)[1] as it does with WebKit1, and as soon as we
get there the plan is to keep fixing accessibility bugs in the core of
WebKit (WebCore), which will benefit both WebKit1 and WebKit2 at the
same time.

But resources are scarce in this field so things go perhaps not so fast
as it should be desirable, hope you understand.

If you go to and
navigate down to section 3.2, you will find a code example. Orca does
not read the lines of code correct if you cursor up and down and also
Braille is not updated correctly. I am unsure how best to describe what
is going on, however it is certainly obviously producing the wrong
speech and Braille. Could this be related to the issue in gedit where
lines were being run into one although the cursor was still respecting
the lines when moving?

Can't tell for sure (Orca developers will probably know better, though),
since I'm seeing all the text in those code sections through Accerciser,
so they are definitely being exposed. But perhaps, they are not being
exposed *properly*, and hence that's where the bug comes from.

It would be worth it to investigate the issue a bit more and file a bug
either in or if that was the case.
Feel free to do it so if you want to.

I am using orca 3.2, epiphany 3.2.1 and webkit 1.6.1.

Yeah, those are the latest versions of the three musketeers, so you're
already using the latest code, I'm afraid, which means you'll have to
wait to future versions to get it working fine :(

Hope you find this reply helpful,



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